High Tube® Telescoping Stock Adapters And Conversion Kits

High Tube® Telescoping Stock Adapters And Conversion Kits


The concept behind the telescoping stock system is simple: the shotgun stock is replaced by an adapter, which attaches to the rear end of the shotgun’s receiver and it, in turn, mimics the rear end of an AR-15 lower receiver, into which an AR-15 receiver extension tube can be threaded. The AR-15 telescoping stock and pistol grip can then be reliably attached.

Our stock adapters, manufactured for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590, are investment cast aircraft aluminum. They are then CNC machined and anodized with a Type III Class 2 Mil-spec finish.

To meet the requirements of professional operators as well as competitors, we offer two lines of telescoping stock systems: High-tube™ and LEO.

Our High-tube adapters, which feature a much higher stock elevation (equivalent to an AR-15) and require an optics rail (included), are specialized adapters for unusual law enforcement applications or competition. Accessory mounting points on the sides of the High-tube aluminum adapters accept Picatinny rails or Mesa Tactical shell carriers, and are fitted with Timesert® steel thread inserts for strength and long life.

High-tube adapters and stock kits include nine inch or 24-inch top Picatinny optics rails. The 24-inch rails are anchored at the front by a clamp. The Remington versions are available with a barrel clamp or a magazine clamp, or no clamp at all (for customers who already have clamps); the Mossberg rails use a magazine clamp that features either a short length of Picatinny accessory rail at the bottom, or a sling swivel stud.

No gunsmithing is required to install. Minor fitting of fasteners may be necessary.

All products are proudly made in the USA.