Low-tube adapter: End of an era

We are announcing the discontinuation of one of our earliest products: the Low-tube telescoping stock adapter. All products have life cycles of their own, and this is how the Low-tube adapter rose and fell:

Mesa Tactical’s first product was the High-tube telescoping stock adapter. By mimicking the dimensions of the AR-15, the High-tube adapter features an elevated stock height and so requires rail-mounted sights or optics to be used. Shortly after the High-tube adapter was introduced, we developed the Low-tube adapter, with a lower or factory stock height, for use with iron sights or the bead.

The High-tube adapters feature machined mounting points on the sides. We thought it would be a cool idea for people to mount shell carriers or rails or sling loops on the sides of the adapters. This accessory mounting scheme was carried through with the Low-tube adapters.

Unfortunately, the accessory mounts idea never took off, and the machining required to make them is expensive. In an attempt to streamline production and reduce the cost of our stock kits, we introduced the LEO adapters: dimensionally the same as the Low-tubes, but without the mount points. The lower cost and snappier appearance of the LEO adapters made them best-sellers.

We continued carrying the Low-tubes, however, because several large law enforcement customers had standardized on them, and it was difficult to re-certify the LEO adapters and migrate them to the new platform. This has required our maintaining increasingly redundant inventories and also resulted in lots of product line confusion at the end user level.

Thankfully, we have managed, finally, to migrate our large Low-tube customers to the LEO adapter, so we can now retire the venerable Low-tubes. Our current inventory of Low-tube adapters has dwindled nearly to nothing, and they will no longer appear in our April 2011 price list.

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