Mossberg 930 Accessories


The 930 platform boasts a reputation as the rugged, dependable autoloader, perfect for both hunting and security applications. Since its introduction in 2008, the Mossberg 930 shotgun has gained rapid acceptance by American shooters, especially participants in tactical competitions such as 3-Gun. As with other shotgun models, the Mossberg 930’s factory stock is too long for tactical applications, and demand for a new version of the Urbino stock for the Mossberg 930 was immediate and strong.

There are few options for Mossberg 930 accessories due to the fact that it is a semi auto and the recoil is what cycles the bolt carrier assembly, the buffer spring is housed in the stock and that is why there isn’t a a folding stock made for the 930. There are many different Mossberg 930 accessories available through Mesa Tactical to suit your individual needs.

Urbino® Pistol Grip Stock

More than just a pistol grip butt stock, the new Urbino for the Mossberg 930 is a complete stock system with a shorter return spring and housing allowing the shortest length of pull available. The Urbino has become the industry standard for a tactical fixed butt stock for tactical shotguns.

The Urbino tactical stock, named after the city in northern Italy where Benelli Armi SpA is headquartered, is a fixed-length pistol grip shotgun stock made from injectionmolded glass-filled nylon. Developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military operators, the rugged Urbino tactical stock features a “tactical” 12½ inch length of pull (LoP); soft urethane rubber grip sleeve; optional Limbsaver® butt pad; optional SuperCell® butt pad (LoP is 13 inches with SuperCell pad); optional adjustable cheek riser and a variety of flexible sling mounting alternatives. The reduced LoP makes the Urbino the first truly tactical stock for the Mossberg 930. A shorter stock is necessary for use in tactical applications, especially with body armor. The Urbino tactical stock is durable, easy to shoulder and will not slip.

The Urbino tactical stock is also comfortable, thus reducing operator fatigue, especially during prolonged training and qualification sessions. The urethane rubber grip is padded at the rear to reduce recoil impact against the web of the operator’s hand, and the optional Limbsaver buttpad substantially reduces felt recoil.

The field-adjustable cheek riser was developed to provide superior cheek weld when using optics. The cheekpiece snaps onto rails molded into the sides of specially equipped Urbino tactical stock armatures. In the event of optics failure, the cheek riser can be quickly removed or readjusted to a lower level. Specially-developed SureShell® shotshell carriers can be fitted to the cheek riser.

All Urbino tactical stocks include Benelli-style rear sling loops for 1¼ inch sling webbing. In addition, a hole at the lower rear of the stock accepts QD style sling swivels. Urbino tactical stocks can also be fitted with any of a variety of optional steel pocket sling mounts.

SKU     Item                                                                                                                                                  MSRP

94680 Urbino Pistol Grip Stock for Moss 930 (Standard Butt, 12-GA, Black)                             $130.00

94690 Urbino Pistol Grip Stock for Moss 930 (Riser, Standard Butt, 12-GA, Black)                  $155.00

94700 Urbino Pistol Grip Stock for Moss 930 (Limbsaver, 12-GA, Black)                                     $155.00

94710 Urbino Pistol Grip Stock for Moss 930 (Riser, Limbsaver, 12-GA, Black)                          $185.00

94470 Urbino Two-Tone Pistol Grip Stock for Moss 930 (Coyote Riser, Standard Butt, 12-GA, Black) $140.00

94480 Urbino Two-Tone Pistol Grip Stock for Moss 930 (Coyote Riser, Limbsaver, 12-GA, Black)      $170.00




Pocket Sling Attachments for Urbino Stocks

If you need to include sling attachment as part of your 930 accessories, the Urbino Tactical stock system features a molded pocket at the front where the stock meets the shotgun receiver. A nylon blank is provide to fill this pocket, but it can also accept any of several stamped steel Sling Loops, Hook Loops or Push Button Sling Swivel mounts. The Push Button Sling Swivel mount includes a Push Button Sling Swivel, and all sling mounts feature a tough mil-spec manganese phosphate fi nish. Ambi style sling attachments feature mounts on both sides of the receiver.

SKU     Item                                                                                                                                                        MSRP

94410 Pocket Sling Loop for Urbino Stock for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                                        $17.00 

94420 Pocket Hook Loop for Urbino Stock for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                                       $17.00

94430 Pocket Push Button Sling Mount for Urbino Stock for Moss 930 (12-GA)                              $30.00 

94440 Pocket Ambi Sling Loop for Urbino Stock for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                              $19.00

94450 Pocket Ambi Hook Loop for Urbino Stock for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                              $19.00

94460 Pocket Ambi Push Button Sling Mount for Urbino Stock for Moss 930 (12-GA)                    $30.00


Urbino Tactical Stock Accessories

Individual components of the Urbino Tactical stock system can be purchased separately. The following items will fit on any supported shotgun platform.

Cheek Risers

Cheek risers can only be fitted to Urbino Tactical stocks with molded riser support rails. Installing colored cheek risers are an inexpensive and easy way to dress up your shotgun.

SKU     Item                                                                                  MSRP

91690 Cheek Riser for Urbino Stock (12-GA, Black)          $30.00

94540 Cheek Riser for Urbino Stock (12-GA, ODG)           $9.00

94530 Cheek Riser for Urbino Stock (12-GA, Coyote)        $9.00


Buttpad assemblies

Installing colored buttpads are an inexpensive and easy way to dress up your shotgun (Limbsaver pads are black on a colored plate).

SKU     Item                                                                                                                              MSRP

90520 Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Black)                                                        $25.00

90530 Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Black)                                                  $50.00

92510 Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser) (Black)                                           $25.00

92520 Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser) (Black)                                    $50.00

90180 Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Coyote)                                                      $12.50

90190 Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Coyote)                                                $25.00

92530 Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser) (Coyote)                                        $12.50

92540 Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser) (Coyote)                                  $25.00

90350 Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stock (ODG)                                                          $12.50

90360 Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (ODG)                                                   $25.00

91700 Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser) (ODG)                                             $12.50


Stock Mount SureShell Aluminum Shotshell Carriers for Urbino Stock

Urbino Tactical stocks with cheek risers can accept SureShell carriers secured right on to the cheekpieces themselves. As with our other SureShell products, these shell carriers feature all aluminum construction.

SKU     Item                                                                                                                                                    MSRP

90140 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Urbino Riser (4-Shell, 12-GA) (Right Side)                   $65.00

90150 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Urbino Riser (6-Shell, 12-GA) (Right Side)                    $70.00

90160 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Urbino Riser (4-Shell, 12-GA) (Left Side)                      $65.00

90170 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Urbino Riser (6-Shell, 12-GA) (Left Side)                      $70.00


SureShell® Shotshell Carriers (Side Mount)

SureShell aluminum shotshell carriers are the best weapon mounted shotgun ammo carriers available. Machined from aircraft aluminum, they feature an innovative rubber friction retention system and tough construction to endure years of use and abuse. SureShell yokes are secured to application-specific brackets, and some SureShell carriers include high temperature adhesive backed, die-cut rubber gaskets to protect the host shotgun’s finish. Most of our SureShell aluminum shotshell carriers mount directly to the receiver of leading shotgun platforms. Since their introduction in the spring of 2005, they have rapidly become our best-selling products, and have emerged as the standard on-gun shotshell storage of tactical operators and professionals.

SureShell Aluminum Carriers

SureShell carriers are milled from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, then bead blasted and mil-spec hard coat anodized for a rugged non-glare fi nish.

The side mount system of our shotgun SureShell aluminum shotshell carriers for the Mossberg 500/590 substitutes two custom-machined steel Chicago screws for the trigger pin. At the front of the mounting plate, custom retaining steel hardware is used with an elongated extractor screw and a machined key hole in the plate. The Mossberg 930 mounting system is similar, except it uses two sets of Chicago screws in place of the two trigger pins. The mounting plate was designed not to obscure the receiver serial number to make it easier for armorers to inventory their weapons.

SureShell aluminum shotshell carriers for the Mossberg fit on the left side of the receiver only. You must use a tactical forend that does not significantly overlap the receiver, or a factory forend that is cut down appropriately. SureFire forends will work fine with no alterations.

SKU     Item                                                                                                                                      MSRP

93020 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Moss 930 (4-Shell, 12-GA)                                 $70.00

93030 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Moss 930 (6-Shell, 12-GA)                                 $75.00

93040 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Moss 930 (8-Shell, 12-GA)                                 $90.00


SureShell Polymer Carriers

Mesa Tactical is now offering the SureShell® Shotshell Carrier made from durable, impact resistant polymer. This new polymer shotshell carrier system, available in a six shell configuration, features shell holders injection molded from glass filled polymer, secured to the receiver by a lightweight aluminum back plate with brass threaded inserts. The new SureShell Polymer Shotshell Carrier also includes an innovative dual rubber friction system that reliably holds shotshells in place.

SKU     Item                                                                                                 MSRP

94760 SureShell Polymer Carrier for Moss 930 (6-Shell, 12-GA) $48.00


Magazine Clamps

The Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp can be used to more securely retain aftermarket or factory magazine extensions, while at the same time off ering fl exible accessory mounting options near the shotgun muzzle. Magazine clamps are available with a push-button quick release sling swivel or a two inch MIL-STD-1913 (NATO STANAG 4694) Picatinny rail that can accept standard weapon light mounts.

The Magazine Clamp can also be used to mount one inch diameter weapon lights simply by clamping one side to the shotgun barrel and the other side to the light body (recommended for use with shotguns with tall front sight posts only).

SKU     Item                                                                                                                                               MSRP

92660 Magazine Clamp for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                                                                $65.00 92670 Magazine Clamp w/ Sling Swivel for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                                   $75.00 92680 Magazine Clamp w/ Rail for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                                                  $90.00 93930 Magazine Clamp w/ Rail and Sling Swivel for Moss 930 (12-GA)                                    $100.00


Barrel Clamps

Our Barrel Clamp off ers an accessory mount point for shotguns that do not have extended magazines. Its unique clamping mechanism ensures a secure fi t even under recoil.

Mesa Tactical Magazine and Barrel Clamps can accept accessories made for Mesa Tactical Stock Adapters, including Mesa Tactical Adapter Mount Rails.

SKU     Item                                                                                  MSRP

92690 Barrel Clamp w/ Rail for Moss 930 (12-GA)         $90.00 


Clamp Mount Accessory Rails

All Mesa Tactical Picatinny rails are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, and finished with mil-spec Type III hard anodizing. Mesa Tactical Picatinny rails include all necessary mounting hardware.

Clamp Mount Picatinny Rails fasten to the accessory mount points on the sides of our Barrel Clamps, Magazine Clamps and clamps used as front mount points for 20 inch and 24 inch rails, which feature the same mounting hole pattern as our stock adapters; or our Picatinny rails for the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.

SKU     Item                                                                                                                                 MSRP

91130 Adapter Mount Standard Profile Picatinny Rail, 3½ in                                        $30.00 90690 Adapter Mount Standard Profile Picatinny Rail, 2 in                                           $25.00



All Mesa Tactical products are 100% made in the U.S.A and include Lifetime Warranty.

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