NEW PRODUCT: SureShell® Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930

SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930 (8-Shell, 12-GA, 5 in)

SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930 (8-Shell, 12-GA, 5 in)

SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930

Mesa Tactical has announced the availability of its four, six, and eight-shot SureShell® Shotshell Carrier and optics rail assemblies for the Mossberg 930 semi-automatic shotgun.  Mesa Tactical’s SureShell shotshell carriers, available in aluminum and polymer versions, are an industry standard and the preferred choice of federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies due to their hard anodized aircraft aluminum and durable polymer construction and fail-safe shell retention system.

Mesa Tactical has been supplying shell carriers for the Mossberg 930 platform since November 2005, but this current announcement highlights the availability of integrated shell carriers and optics rail assemblies.  Similar products have been available for the Benelli and Remington platforms for years, but this is the first time integrated shell carriers and rails have been offered for the Mossberg 930 shotguns.

“These shell carrier and rail combinations have been wildly successful since we introduced them in 2006,” said Mitch Barrie, President of Mesa Tactical, “we are pleased and excited to finally start offering quality shotgun furniture options for the popular Mossberg 930 semi-automatic shotguns.”

SureShell Aluminum shell carrier and rail assemblies feature four-, six or eight-shell aluminum shotshell yokes. The SureShell Polymer Shotshell Carriers are made from durable, impact resistant polymer. This new polymer shotshell carrier system, available in a six shell configuration, features shell holders injection molded from glass filled polymer, secured to the receiver by a lightweight aluminum back plate with brass threaded inserts. The new SureShell Polymer Carrier also includes an innovative dual rubber friction system that reliably holds shotshells in place. Models are available with and without integral optics rail.

Shotshell yokes are fitted to a bracket incorporating a MIL-STD 1913 (NATO STANAG 4694) Picatinny rail. The rail bracket is secured to the shotgun receiver using the optics rail mounting holes already drilled and tapped into the Mossberg receiver at the factory.  With most part numbers, the optics rail stretches most of the length of the shotgun receiver, or about 5 inches, allowing the mounting of a red dot scope or other target acquisition aid. A receiver length rail is also available with no shell carrier.

Whether used for tactical operations, home defense or competition, owners of this new platform will now have the ability to carry more ammunition “at the ready”, while the integrated rail system allows for further customization. SureShell carriers work well in all climates and environments, and are proven to withstand the daily use and abuse to which arsenal weapons are commonly subjected.

In addition to the Mossberg 930, SureShell® Shotshell Carriers are also available for a variety of today’s most popular shotgun models including the Remington 870, Remington semiautomatics, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Beretta 1201, Beretta 1301, FN SLP, Kel-Tec KSG, Benelli M1, M2, M3, M4 and Benelli SuperNova.

Prices and availability

For sales information contact; or visit Mesa Tactical’s website at Like the Urbino® pistol grip stocks, SureShell® Shotshell Carriers are made in the USA and can contribute to the domestic parts count for US Code Title 18 922(r) compliance. All Mesa Tactical products can be easily installed without requiring modification of the firearm or special gunsmithing skills.

 94760  SureShell Polymer Carrier for Moss 930 (6-Shell, 12-GA)  37.00
 94890  SureShell Polymer Carrier and Rail for Moss 930 (6-Shell, 12-GA, 5 in)  84.00
93020 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Moss 930 (4-Shell, 12-GA) 70.00
93030 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Moss 930 (6-Shell, 12-GA) 75.00
93040 SureShell Aluminum Carrier for Moss 930 (8-Shell, 12-GA) 90.00
94560 SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930 (4-Shell, 12-GA, 5 in) 105.00
94570 SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930 (6-Shell, 12-GA, 5 in) 110.00
94580 SureShell Aluminum Carrier and Rail for Moss 930 (8-Shell, 12-GA, 5 in) 125.00
 94390  Picatinny Rail for Moss 930 (12-GA, 8¼ in)  55.00

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