Hydraulic Recoil Buffer (Mil-spec)

Hydraulic Recoil Buffer (Mil-spec)


The Crosshair™ 12 gauge shotgun shock works in conjunction with the Mesa Tactical stock to mitigate the harsh recoil associated with various 12 gauge pump-action shotgun platforms by using a custom orifice pattern uniquely designed to allow hydraulic fluid to flow at a specific rate. This action provides a range of benefits to the shooter including: reduced felt recoil, increased accuracy, quicker follow-up shots, and greatly enhanced comfort. These benefits are the result of years of expertise in the Industrial Shock Absorber marketplace, along with intensive testing and development of this specific buffer for the 12 gauge platform.

Crosshair™ introduces the 12 gauge shotgun shock built to perfection and to perform at the highest level. Crosshair’s™ 12 gauge shotgun shock reduces felt recoil by up to 70% while improving accuracy. This advance in performance is achieved by increasing the recoil event impulse time through the use of adaptive hydraulic technology. Decreased felt recoil allows for follow up shots to be aimed quickly and precisely.

Additional advantages of using the Crosshair™ 12 Gauge Shotgun Shock include:

  • Significant reduction in felt recoil
  • Reduces “Flinch Factor”
  • Greatly reduces shoulder discomfort
  • Fits mil-spec AR-15/M4 tactical receiver extensions
  • Virtually eliminates muzzle rise and improves accuracy for next shot
  • Built to withstand extreme environments with an increased service life
  • Protects optics