Hook Loop for Magazine Extension (Vang Comp, 12-GA)

Magazine extension hook loops replace the factory sling loops on Benelli and Vang Comp extensions. Special retainer clip pliers required for installation.

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Some shotgun magazine extensions include stamped steel sling plates secured in place by retaining clips. We have produced replacement stampings that feature a circular hook loop instead of the sling loop for use with increasingly popular H&K style (dog leash) sling hooks.

Our Magazine Extension Hook Loops are available for the Benelli M2 and Benelli M4 shotguns, as well as Vang Comp magazine extensions for Remington shotguns (before you ask, the Scattergun/Wilson Combat sling loops are permanently installed and cannot be replaced with hook loops).

Magazine Extension Hook Loops feature a tough Mil-spec manganese phosphate finish. Ambi style sling attachments feature mounts on both sides of the receiver. Special retainer clip pliers are required for installation!


  • External retaining ring for Rem (Vang Comp, Wilson)
  • Front Hook Loop for Rem



Magazine extension hook loops replace the factory sling loops on Benelli and Vang Comp extensions. Special retainer clip pliers required for installation:


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