Sling Ring Shotgun Sling Mount for Rem 870 (12-GA, left side)

Sling Ring all steel shotgun sling mounts fit between the shotgun receiver and stock and accept quick-release hook-style sling attachments.

SKU: 92310


With our new Sling Ring shotgun sling mounts, we’ve taken an old idea and made it better.  The Sling Ring shotgun sling mount fits between the stock and the receiver of a tactical shotgun, providing a sturdy loop for the fitting of single-point or three-point slings featuring H&K style hooks or Magpul Paraclip™ attachment points.  Unlike similar sling loops, Mesa Tactical Sling Ring shotgun sling mounts pare cast steel, not aluminum, and they have no sharp edges to catch on webbing or skin.  They are available for left-side or ambidextrous mount.  Finally, they are priced attractively so agencies can afford to install them on every shotgun in the armory.

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