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SureShell Polymer Carriers (Less Lethal)

When civil unrest reaches a fever pitch on your watch, you can rely on Mesa Tactical’s SureShell Polymer Carrier system to provide you with the security you need and the certainty that you are carrying the proper less-lethal ammunition for the mission. Every SureShell Polymer Carrier incorporates an innovative dual-rubber friction system secured by an injection-molded glass-filled nylon shell yoke to retain six non-lethal shells securely and reliably. 


Our lightweight and rugged aluminum backing plate attaches to the receiver with innovative custom mounting hardware, keeping your dedicated less-lethal rounds in place so they are always on hand when you need them. SureShell Polymer Carriers can be ordered in a variety of bright colors that meet the requirements of most law enforcement agencies. They clearly differentiate less-lethal rounds from live rounds, adding peace of mind in tense situations.

With so much at stake, trust the leader in high-quality tactical shotgun accessories and gear for law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters. Trust Mesa Tactical. Real solutions, not gimmicks.

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