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AR-15 Torque Rod (vise mount style)

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AR-15 Torque Rod (vise mount style)

The Mesatac® Torque Rod is a heavy-duty solid steel tool for your AR-15 designed to allow the easy installation and removal of barrels, muzzle devices, gas blocks, as well as handguards from your upper receiver.

The Torque Rod features 5” flat sides designed to be gripped in your bench vise. With the Torque Rod secured, slide your AR-15’s upper receiver over the opposite end of the Torque Rod. The Torque Rod’s eight splines mesh with the locking lugs of your barrel extension in your upper receiver. The torque applied to your barrel nut or muzzle devise is then transferred to the Torque Rod in the vise. Using a Torque Rod instead of a clamshell style vise block will prevent twisting damage to your upper receiver or marring of your receiver’s finish. Torque Rods are an essential tool for billet AR-15 upper receivers that do not fit in clamshell style vise blocks.

  • Easy installation and removal of barrels, muzzle devices, gas blocks, and handguards
  • Prevents damage and marring of upper receiver
  • Works with billet AR-15 upper receivers
  • Heavy-duty solid steel with attractive black oxide finish
  • 12 and 5/8” overall length with 5” vise flats
  • Made in America