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KynSHOT® RB5100 Hydraulic Buffer (selectable damping, mil-spec)

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KynSHOT® RB5100 Hydraulic Buffer (selectable damping, mil-spec)

  • 91320 KynSHOT® RB5100 Hydraulic Buffer (selectable damping, mil-spec)

The KynSHOT selectable damping shotgun buffer fits in Mil-Spec style thread on the Mesa Tactical shotgun adapter or tactical shotgun. The selectable version comes with three damping settings (low, medium, and heavy damped), weighs 13.5 ounces, and can be used with mil-spec collapsible stock. As each adjustable setting is increased on the buffer, the hydraulic damping force increased approximately 15% (from low damped all the way up to heavy damped). The selectable recoil buffer reduces felt recoil, allowing users to stay on target, reduce muzzle rise, and increase target acquisition speed, making this one of the most effective recoil reduction solution you can put on a shotgun.

The Kynshot Selectable Damping Hydraulic Recoil Buffer tube is a shock absorber designed to be used as the stock tube on pump shotguns that have the Mesa Tactical's LEO® and High-tube® telescoping stock adapters. With the Mesa Tactical AR-15 stock adapters, you can attach any Kynshot Selectable Hydraulic Recoil Buffer to the adapter and mount mil-spec collapsible stock to it. 

  1. Military grade materials and processes used in manufacture
  2. For Remington 870, Tac-13 and V3, Mossberg 500 and 590, Mav 88, Beretta 1301
  3. Requires an adapter [not included/ order separately]
  4. No gunsmithing is required for installation
  5. Made in the USA
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