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SureShell Replacement Rentention Tubing

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SureShell Replacement Rentention Tubing for armories, agencies and individuals. 

One (with aluminum yokes) or two (with polymer yokes) synthetic rubber tubes run the length of the assembly, sandwiched between the yoke and the backplate.  This tubing is what secures the shotshells in place in the yoke.

For most users, the factory-installed tubing will perform a lifetime of service; but frequent use of the SureShell shotshell carrier may result in wear of the tubing.  For this reason, the tubing can be thought of as a consumable that in some cases may have to be replaced from time to time. 

The SureShell shotshell carrier package includes a stiffer tubing (white- A73) that can provide more secure shell retention than the factory installed (black- A64) tubing.  If necessary, the black tubing can be replaced with the white tubing by disassembling the SureShell shotshell carrier assembly by removing the screws securing the yoke to the backplate.  Of course, worn tubing can be replaced in the same way at any time.