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Limbsaver® Buttpad For Urbino® Stock (Black)

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Limbsaver® Buttpad For Urbino® Stock 

The Limbsaver buttpad is for greater shooting comfort, especially during long training and certification courses. Limbsaver makes a line of gel buttpads that substantially reduce the effects of felt recoil. The Urbino stock has been designed to accept a Limbsaver buttpad, which is cemented to a buttplate of our own design.  All Limbsaver buttpads are black, fitted to a black buttplate.

LimbSaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stocks (No Riser): Do not have “wings”. These buttpads are only for Urbino Tactical stocks with no cheek riser. 

The Urbino Tactical stock accepts four snap-in buttpad designs, two standard urethane buttpads (riser, no riser) and two featuring a recoil-reducing Limbsaver pad (riser, no riser). These buttpad assemblies are interchangeable and are also available separately. The snap-in design allows easy access to the inside of the stock assembly for stock removal or installation. 

LimbSaver recoil pads are referred to as the best and are widely used by military personnel, law enforcement agencies and a variety of sportsmen. LimbSaver recoil pads feature a patented three-step recoil reduction technology that reduces up to 50% of felt recoil and maintains target acquisition. They feature a 12-month warranty by Limbsaver.  

Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser)

The LimbSaver® Buttpad assembly is an integral component of the Urbino Tactical stock adjustable cheek riser system. Stocks supporting cheek risers feature “wings” on the buttplates that retain the cheek riser on the stock. This is another reason for the snap-in design of the buttpads: to facilitate the rapid removal or adjustment of the Urbino cheek riser.  Urbino Tactical stocks with cheek risers must use buttpads with cheek riser retaining “wings.”

92520 Limbsaver® Buttpad for Urbino Stock (Riser) (Black)


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    Limbsaver is worth it

    Posted by JOHN on 19th Jan 2024

    My 1301 came from the dealer with the Urbino stock and standard buttpad. Gave the Limbsaver a try not sure if there would be a big difference. A quick couple tube dumps with 00 confirmed a noticeable decrease in felt recoil. Happy I gave it a try.