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Standard Buttpad For Urbino® Stock (Black)

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Standard Buttpad For Urbino® Stock (Black)

Mesa Tactical’s standard buttpad for Urbino Stock contains a positive locking system that will hold the adjustments in place without slipping. When the unit is closed the Urbino stock will still maintain a “tactical” 12½ inch length of pull (LoP). The Standard Butt Plate unit is for pump action shotguns, and it is interchangeable with a  Limbsaver® butt pad. All plates are only compatible with Mesa Tactical’s Urbino stock system. Standard Buttpads for Urbino Stock are available in black, coyote (tan), and OD green colors. 


Developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military operators, the rugged Urbino Tactical stock features a “tactical” 12½ inch length of pull (LoP), Santoprene rubber grip, optional Limbsaver® butt pad, optional adjustable cheek riser and a variety of flexible sling mounting options.

The Urbino Tactical stock accepts four snap-in buttpad designs, two standard urethane buttpads (riser, no riser) and two featuring a recoil-reducing Limbsaver pad (riser, no riser). These buttpad assemblies are interchangeable and are also available separately. The snap-in design allows easy access to the inside of the stock assembly for stock removal or installation. 

The Standard Buttpad assembly is an integral component of the Urbino Tactical stock adjustable cheek riser system. Stocks supporting cheek risers feature “wings” on the buttplates that retain the cheek riser on the stock. This is another reason for the snap-in design of the buttpads: to facilitate the rapid removal or adjustment of the Urbino cheek riser.  Urbino Tactical stocks with cheek risers must use buttpads with cheek riser retaining “wings.”

*Reminder: Standard Buttpad for Urbino Stocks (Riser), have “wings”. These buttpads are only for Urbino Tactical stocks with a cheek riser.  Please note that this standard butt pad is only for Urbino stocks that do not contain cheek risers. Individual standard butt pads for Urbino stocks that contain cheek risers are sold separately and do have a different design.